This week the radio yells out, $90 MILLION to be won in X LOTTO; Australia's greatest ever reward swimming pool.

The reason that it is now 90 million is because the previous $59.2 million prize did not go off. This is in spite of Australians going into 79 million times and spending 87 million dollars on it.

OK here it comes, I believe I can just imagine the next few days. You will get the story on the news of the reporter speaking with individuals in the street asking exactly what they would do if they won.

Then the current affairs programs will do their bit to pump up the general public. Then the papers will take part. Not to mention the jokes around the work location of individuals stating.

Now there is going to pressure on you. You will start hearing things from your work mates. There is going to be a syndicate that you will have to sign up with at work. Then there will be pressure on you when you go to the newsagent. There will be a syndicate there. Even in your own extended or instant household, people will be asking the question, "Have you got a LOTTO TICKET?".

  • Now, I have no issue with some healthy gambling.What frustrates me is when it ends up being fever pitch and every male and his pet dog has actually currently informed you what they will spend the money on.

  • As I go onto the main lotteries commission site, I see they have the odds at 1 in 45,379,620 to win the $90 MILLION this week.
  • Now let's pretend you went into the lotto as soon as every single week of your life from an infant to age 100.
  • I guess what I am attempting to get at is YOU CA N'T WIN.The whole system is developed so you can't win.find Check this site - 2bet48 for amazing betting offers!

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However, each time you see an advert on TELEVISION or on radio, it makes it sound so simple.

The adverts sell the fantasy of you winning.Let's speak about another kind of gambling and the ways they try to sell you their services.

Instantaneous scratchies are a product where the chances are not in your favour.

In fact to attempt and win a $200,000 prize, the average odds on a $5.00 scratchie are 400,000 to one.Utilizing genuine figures let's do the amounts.

400,000 tickets at $5.00 a ticket equates to $2,000,000 earnings for the scratchie organisation.However the overall prize pool on the tickets is only $1,200,000.

That means they earn a profit of $800,000 however they are only paying out 60 % of every dollar they generate.When again the probabilities are absolutely not in your favour.

It had a press reporter with a microphone from the instant scratchies organisation interviewing people in the street about their wins. One specific girl said that she had actually won $1000 one time from a $2.00 scratchie. She ended up winning $1000.


This is the only money she has to get home on the bus. She decides that this money was better invested in a long shot rather of getting herself home safely. Yet the advert glorified this woman as if she had actually done something very smart. Had this lady been one of the many losers, she would not have actually been on television.


The exact same South Australian instant scratchie organisation developed a similarly clever, however wicked marketing ploy. They positioned huge complete length mirrors in shopping centres. These were regular daily mirrors, however along the bottom of the mirrors in big writing was something to the effect of "Will you be the next fortunate one? Purchase an instantaneous scratchie".


They were actually placing your image into their advert. Wow, this is creative stuff! Save your money. Keep in mind most of these gambling things like X LOTTO AND scratchies are owned by the federal government. The only distinction is when you pay this tax there is an ultra slim opportunity that you will get it back or perhaps more.Whatever happened in my life with money up to March 15th 2005 had not been working!


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